Early Dawn of Next Morn’

The days are long and hard now,
Since I left her standing all alone.
Never gave much thought to her love
And now there’s no one to turn to in my life.

Didn’t think I needed anyone.
Said I was better off alone.
Said I couldn’t be tied down
But I guess I was wrong.

I can still see her sweet pretty face,
Can’t seem to get it off of my mind.
So, now I’m going back to find her,
In the early dawn of next morn’.

Why did I turn my back on you?
You only wanted to give me your love.
But I wouldn’t open up my heart.
Darling, I know now that I need you in my life.

Now my heart is aching for her,
My love for her is just too strong.
So I leave tomorrow at sunrise, yeah.
I’m going back to find her,
In the early dawn of next morn’


Author Note: This piece was written in 2007 and was likely one of the first pieces that I wrote in the style of a song lyric that was influenced and inspired from a song that I knew. While the melody that eventually became the cadence of this piece was something that eventually came to me and developed a life of its own, this piece was influenced in its style by two country songs. The first being Amarillo By Morning by George Strait. The way that George Strait delivers the line “Amarillo by morning” is something that stuck with me. Also the verse, “I ain’t got a dime/But what I got is mine./I ain’t rich/But Lord, I’m free.” stuck with me – something about the rhythm of those words and their delivery. The second song that influenced the tone/cadence, I remember, was Charlie Pride’s “Is Anyone Going to San Antone?”


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