I walk through the grass
And I wish that you could see how free I am;
Returned to my castle – my solitude.
When the lights go dark
And I can’t see as I swim for shore,
My land of old guides me to where I reign.

Here I live, here I stay
This land has treated mine good this way.
Hear the laughter and hear the wind;
Look towards the river and watch it bend.
Watch the pine as it gently turns
In the soft whisper of the westerly wind.

I am home
Where my world slows
And reminds me of who I was and who I am.
The story of the land tells me who I can be.
Back home where you can sit on the bench
In your Uncle’s shed
And enjoy something cold
And the company never grows old.

Watch as the world turns slow
And remember times of so many memories ago;
A place in my mind that will never go.
Sun, please keep shining down on this place.

Here at home,
The world is at peace.
Here at home,
I feel myself let go;
Not a care in the world,
Nothing can bother me;
Feel the wind, I am free
I am home.

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