As Lyrics and Poetry are highlighted within this site, they will be archived on this page. These can be interpreted as stand-alone poems or song lyrics. Many times when I write, I have a tune/melody in my mind that guides the tone and cadence.
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If I Asked You To Stay
Outside the Window
Two Wine State of Mind
Out of the Mist
I Know That It Hurts
(Find My Love In A) Pumpkin Patch
Far Side of the Moon
Early Dawn of Next Morn’
A Love Discovered
Love’s Plea (You Don’t Know What It’s Like)
(As Long As) You Love Me
I Want To Tell You
You’re The Answer
The Great Unknown
Wind In My Sail
Ellis Island
I Can Feel Your Light
Raining In New York
Those That Served For Me
Stormy Waters
Ode To A Brother
Dream Baby
Blossom Like The Flower
Open My Door
I Don’t Want To Lose You
American Princess
In Your Arms
Riddle of Love
A Long Time Coming (A Long Time Gone)
One Last Time
No Place I’d Rather Be
A Hallmark Moment Tonight