Outside the Window

This lyric/poem is for everyone who needs to hear an encouraging word as we fight through this pandemic.

Sun shining
A ray glistening through the cloudy sky.
Look outside –
No words do you need to say.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
Let the stress and strife melt away,
As you feel the newborn day.

Outside of my window,
I hear the birds singing.
Outside my window,
There is a land where I once was
And again, long to go.

Outside of my window,
Where the grass turns greener every day
As time advances to the month of May.
Watch the red streak of the cardinal
And the blue hue of the blue-jay
As they soar and play.
Feel the world melt away.
As they soar through the dancing sway of the trees.

One day, the prison walls will fall,
And the calm of nature will call.
We will dance through the grass so high
And into the pure blue sky will I sigh
With you by my side.
That’s the world that waits for us
Outside of the window.

Outside the Window

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