Out of the Mist

Out of the mist
At the dusk of night and the dawn of a dream,
I saw you in a vision.
You reached out and told that all would be alright.
Then, like the breeze, you were once again a memory.
When will you appear again,
Out of the mist?

Born to a farmer
And raised by the land,
His hands were made strong and his heart bold
By the life of the farm.
His passage began by tending the cows and the crops with
The heart of a boy on a journey of a man.

Never had fame, never had want and was guided by the light.
He knew his place
And he knew wrong from right.
All the fame and want he needed in life
Came to him from the love of his kids and his wife.
Making a living and working the fields brought a smile to his face.

He gave and taught love
Worked hard up until the end.
An honest, small town man living his life in the right.
But one day in May,
The heart that had worked and loved so much,
Was suddenly called to up Above.

His time was too short.
When he comes to visit,
Time doesn’t seem to exist.
Please don’t go, I wish that you could stay.
I wish that you weren’t gone and could remain
Out of the mist.

Out of the mist,
Gone too soon.
Wish you could come back and stay awhile.
Oh, we loved you so much and we miss you.
Please don’t be a stranger
And visit again
Out of the mist.

Joseph Thomas Kushi (1921-1982)

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