I Know That It Hurts

Tears falling down on your heart
I can see into your eyes
You are cold and shivering from a cold rain
You’re trying to hide the pain.
My heart feels shattered and it’s not even mine.
Hang on, don’t let this tear you apart.

I know that it hurts,
A broken heart does, I know.
But baby, please don’t give up.
You are something special.
I don’t know if you will hear my words,
But I am here for you.

I may not be much,
But, darling, if you can see through your tears
You will see me waiting for you.
Go ahead and cry, I’m on your side.
Please let me hold you in my arms.
All I want to do is to see you smile.

Thunder and lightning go hand in hand
And with you, I am willing to make my stand.
Let me embrace you in my arms as I fall into yours.
When this storm has passed,
I hope we have opened instead of closed doors.
I don’t expect your broken heart to heal.
That’s alright, there is time.
But I hope when the time comes it is me you feel.

I know that it hurts right now.
Darling, let me pull you close.
I am here for you.
Close your eyes and let yourself go.
I’ve realized that I love you more than you can know.
I know that it hurts
But please let me hold you in my arms
And show you how much I care.

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