I Want To Tell You

Have you ever looked out into the night
And felt the wind touch your heart?
A world so wide and bright
Is at our fingertips tonight.
I close my eyes
And I picture you and hear your voice.

Yes, it’s you on my mind –
I feel myself falling.
I can’t deny it anymore,
The candle shines bright in the night
And you know I’m falling fast.

Oh, winds of fate,
Please help make this love last.
Time is passing by and it’s her on my mind.
I want to call you tonight.
I want to tell you
That I love you.

We live in a world
Where love is so easy to give
But is often held back
Like a sad story
Where the wave never gets to meet the shore.
But, girl, I’m ready to open up the door
And be set free.

I hope that you can feel the love from me
And know how complete you make me feel.
Oh, winds of fate
I pray that she knows that this love is real
That I feel.

When I lift a pen to write
Or pick up the phone to call,
Know that no matter what I say
What I mean to tell you is that I love you.

I don’t want this to be an opportunity lost –
I just want to tell you that I love you.
I can make it on my own
But know that I am a lesser man
Without you by my side.
I just want you to hear that I love you
And that I want to hold you near.
I want to tell you
That I love you.

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