The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown.
A mystical world
That only our heart and mind know.
Learn, we must
If we wish to discover
The worlds of The Great Unknown.

Look into the blue and twinkling black sky above
And into the deep blue depths of the sea.
Ponder the worlds that may be.
Frontiers still to be explored
Along with the unrealized frontiers in our heart.
Frontiers of the great unknown.

One falls in the line of duty,
Saving one’s life in place of their own
From a fire that roars with black fury
From the great unknown.
Watch those who are brothers and sisters in arms
Standing in honorary formation
With the flag at half mast
In tribute to he who has passed.
To he who did not come home.
And wonder what he has found in The Great Unknown.

When we enter the Great Unknown
And enter the gates of the Kingdom.
How will you look?
Will you know my name?
Will you look as I remember?
And how will you look to others?
Will our love and our bond be the same?
The answers belong to the Great Unknown.

Just look at you and I
And the love that lives within us.
Where does this great love come from?
Who gave us this flame that ignites our hearts.
What power beyond our reach has allowed us to feel
Each other with the power of hearts?
All I know is that our love will never die
For it is powered by the forces of the great unknown.

We have explored the vast skies
But like the deep blue seas
We have only just begun to see.
Both in our world and in our hearts
New frontiers are before you and I.
For who knows what behind the curtain lies.
Let us explore that we have not yet seen
And let us have shone on us
The wonders of The Great Unknown.

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