Candles shining bright –
Bells ringing in the night,
Love was in my heart
When I was with you.

But in the end,
The mirror showed a fool.
A vision of two
Put out by the rejection
From the heart of you.

Here lie the pieces of my heart
Scattered here on the walk.
Though we were close
Now we hardly talk.

My love for you.
A moonlit walk goes on tonight
With the spotlight on a lonely sight.
I sit with head in hands
And try to keep the tear in my eye
As I silently wonder why.

I couldn’t offer you the world
But I gave you all that I had
Hoping that would be enough

Darling, I gave my heart to you
Until every last drop of love
Could have been yours.
And it breaks my heart
That mine wasn’t good enough for you.

In the dark of the night
It’s time to lift the dark veil
Of a broken heart
And let there be light.
It’s time that I leave
You out of mind –
Out of sight
And move on.

The story has been told
And so it will be written.
A feeling that was unrequited,
My love for you.

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