Stormy Waters

I sail on through stormy waters.
The wind lashes me
As the water sprays me.
I feel a force trying to bring me to my knees.
I cast my eyes northward
And look for the lighthouse in my life –
A rope to grab onto for someone to save me
Or for me to save myself.

I lay my head down
And close my eyes to the world around me.
My dreams swirl around
And surround me with visions
Of the life that I long to see
Where the waters are calm
And I can breathe the air
And feel alive.

Alive with a love
That wraps me in its arms
And show me a world beyond my walls.
A world where it doesn’t hurt when you fall.
It’s her I dream about,
The woman in my dreams
Who calms the stormy waters that I travel.

I met her once in a vision
Where our eyes met
In a store, the fruit of fate.
A connection that felt so real
A love– a dream-like soulmate.
But, it was only a dream.

So, I sail on…

A cliff comes into view –
Do I climb it from out of the sea
Or do I run and leap off of it –
Opening a new door to my life?
Will I ever find a love
To save me?
How long must I navigate stormy waters?

I continue to sail on through stormy waters
Searching for a safe haven.
I cast my eyes northward
Searching for the lighthouse of my life.
I close my eyes,
Knowing one day I will survive these waters.
I close my eyes
And dream of you.



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