American Princess

Girl, you are a princess to me.
You had me from the day you whispered
Those sweet words of “I love you”
And made me forget everything that I wanted to say.

Every day I’d swear to myself
That I’d make myself a little better
So that I could stay by your side.
Then I’d see you and suddenly everything we were was ok.

Now, lying here with you close to me,
My heart’s singing me a thousand lullabies.
When you look at me with those pretty eyes,
You know you make me feel like the man I’ve always wanted to be.

I look out on the balcony
And, my, you sure are a sight to see.
I realize that my dreams are all that you are
When we’re wrapped in each other’s arms.

Now my heart’s beating fast.
Darling, I know that you are my last.
I’m down on one knee asking to be your prince
And I watch as your eyes tear up as we bind our love with a sapphire ring.

How did we get here?
A boy and a girl so deeply in love.
I’m burning on the inside
Because I know I’m so in love
with my American Princess.

American Princess

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