Reflections on Senator John McCain – America: A Dream Worth Fighting For

*Some of this article was originally written in the Summer of 2018 at the time of Senator McCain’s passing

Upon hearing of the passing of Senator John McCain towards the end of Summer 2018, many stories were written about the politician and about the man. No matter where your beliefs may lie on the political ideological spectrum, take a moment to reflect on this. Senator McCain may not have always been right but, like us all, he did what he could to try and make the world better. John McCain was not a Republican. He was not a Democrat. Senator John McCain was an American – the same as you and I. He was a human being – same as you and I. What he went through to live out his American Dream and to contribute to our global society in the brief time that we have to grace the land and seas that we live upon deserves respect. As a military man who underwent an experience our nightmares could only design to a public servant to his country, John McCain made a difference, whether you agree and respect that difference or not.

Much has been said about the life of Senator McCain. For me, the message that means a lot to me is something that Senator McCain believed in. He believed in this statement – this idea – just the same as our brother and our friend who lives next door or is serving overseas believes it. That idea is that the United States of America is worth serving and fighting for. We have our disagreements within the confines of this country and we have not always been on the correct side of the moral divide. However, we are still worth fighting for. Whether we are the shining light in the night or striving to be the shining light, we – the United States of America – are worth it. Our Nation was founded on the premise – whether we realized what it defined or not at the time – that all men are created equal and that a government of the people, for the people and by the people could succeed. Despite our differences, that dream still holds true. We fight to make that dream true and those ideals a reality. Despite our differences, we fight united to raise that flag – not divided. We, the people, hold that power. Let us not forget that. Our country is worth fighting for and we are capable of overcoming the walls that divide us and forging a bond that unites us and allows us to reach the horizon that we see and dream of. We fight and serve, in times of triumph and strife, to uphold the ideals that we stand for and to improve them. That is why it is still an honor and a privilege to be a public servant, whether you serve in the eyes of policy and the law, the military or in any other area of our infrastructure.

Though he was human and had his flaws and was viewed by some as just another politician, Senator McCain understood that vision – that ideal. He lived it. He believed America is worth fighting for and serving for because we are worth it – now and in the future. Senator McCain, your mission will live on.

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