Lyric/Poetry – Ellis Island

I have left my land of old
And set sail upon the blue seas
To begin a new story that has yet to be told.
I gaze upon the twi-lighting horizon
With a feeling of fear and hope.

They call it the island of hope and the island of sorrow.
I don’t know which it will be until tomorrow.
I will work hard for our dreams to come true.
Hope you believe me as I look at you.

I am heading to the land called Ellis Isle,
Leaving the old and starting anew
Nothing with me but the clothes on my back and you.
It won’t be easy but it can’t be harder than what my eyes have seen.
The dawn is breaking on a new day of our lives
As we head to America and Ellis Island.

At last I can see land,
See the waves breaking onto the sand.
Our new home this will be.
Good times are coming, hopefully.

Wait and see…

I am heading to Ellis Isle
And starting anew
Take in the beauty of this new land
As we pull into America and Ellis Island.

Our new age has finally begun.
Honor the old ways but let the hard times be done.
It doesn’t matter your name
You can try to build your American dream just the same
Once we are able to pass through Ellis Island.

©  2016 Matthew Kushi

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