Paint With Words

Are what I have to offer to you.
Just simple words – the music of poetry
But words of any style have value and are strong
And have the strength to be remembered for long.
Words – words can make people feel.

So when you write, paint with words;
Write a pretty picture
And tell me what you see.
Let the world hear what you want them to see.
The world is your canvas, so tell your story
And paint with words.

An expression of humanity.
With my words, I can touch your heart if you let me.
Find it in your heart
To feel what I am writing to you
And you will see the world that I paint.

Let me tell you a story
Let me open a new world up to you.
Words have the power to teach;
To show you how high you can reach

This world is formed on words
Words form ideas and tell a story
I can change your world with a story
If the story of the words are what you hear and see.

Paint with words
And write a pretty picture
Understand the power of words
And the stories that they tell.
Simple words are what I have to give.
Write and paint with words.

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