A Holiday Story

As we are in the midst of yet another holiday season, we are given the opportunity to reflect. Not just about the year’s happenings or the fact that loved ones are missing. We do not reflect about one lone thing. Instead, we reflect on all of these things combined as one.

As many of us sit in our cozy living rooms listening to the crooning voice of Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” or celebrating the holiday season of our respective religions and cultures, we reflect on those that are not able to celebrate these times with loved ones. Whether they are serving our country in the armed forces, on business travels or carrying on careers, our hearts go out to them. Upon this reflection, we realize how fortunate we are to have what we do have.

Somewhere over in Afghanistan, a man and a woman sit within the confines of their base. They radiate  an air of coolness and calm. However, underneath it all, they are worried. They do not know the future. They can only sit and wonder if there firebase will be ambushed under the cover of land blanketed in darkness.

Other than wait and try not to worry, there is not much this man and woman can do except look in to the sky at the moon. For they know that half way across the world, there is a woman and a man looking into the same sky, at the same moon, thinking about them.

There is a businessman, sitting on the balcony of his hotel room in Rome. He knows that there is work to be done there but he can’t help but look up at that old moon and think of his wife and children back home. He talked with them online not even two hours ago but that is no consolation to his heart. He knows that it is snowing back home and he wishes so much that he could go sledding with his family.

Yet, he knows he can’t. There is work to be done in Rome. So he does all that he can do. He looks up at that moon and whispers to his family, “I love you.” He knows that halfway across the world, there is a beautiful woman and two little children who are doing the same thing.

There is a young woman, standing in a studio in Los Angeles. “How did it ever get this crazy ?” she wonders. She enjoys her work but desperately misses her fiancée. He’s living on the farm out east while she is trying to make a dream come true by releasing her debut pop cd. She knows that this could be the chance of a lifetime.

However, she wishes so very much that she could be spending the holidays with her one and only instead of singing about her one and only. She looks out at the stars and knows that he is looking at those stars too. She draws strength and inspiration knowing this and sits down to right another song.

There is a child, sitting on the porch of a home. He looks up into the vast and endless starry sky as he sits on the porch swing.  The past year has been tough on this kid. His parents split up over the course of the past year but he is too young to understand why. All he knows is that the weeks are spent with mom and some weekends are spent with dad.

He can’t understand what went wrong or what will happen to him. All he knows is that he still loves his mom and dad. So he looks up to that clear sky and takes comfort in the fact that his parents are looking at that same moon.

There is a small family, a family that hours ago was cuddled watching the dancing rhythm of the fire in the fire place. Right before they all go to bed, they go outside. There is a fluffy layer of white snow on the ground. They all look at the snow and then up to the sky where the moon casts off its illuminating glow. For once, nothing in the world seems to matter except that moment. Everything seems to be so peaceful and everything feels so right.

In this time of love and joy, we must remember that not all have the luxury of enjoying the peace and serenity that many of us do. For every story of peace and love within a person, there is a story of a person crying out for help.

To truly carry out the qualities that make up the holiday season’s ideals, we must step up and deliver for those in need. The ways that one can do this is to donate gifts to a charity fund or do something nice for someone. Even something as simple as keeping someone in your thoughts is a worthwhile contribution.

With that thought in mind may we wish goodwill upon those that are not able to join their loved ones this holiday season. To all, Happy Holidays.

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